Netherlands Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis


For four decades, the Netherlands has belonged to the best performing Countries in thrombosis and hemostasis research. Hence, in 2013, the Netherlands will organize the ISTH for the second time, after a successful conference in 1991. The leading position in thrombosis and hemostasis research is remarkable for a small country like the Netherlands. The first steps to thrombosis and hemostasis research in the Netherlands are made by Prof S. van Creveld (1939-1965), pediatrician and founder of the treatment of children with hemophilia. This was followed by Prof. F.L.J. Jordan (1953-1971), founder of the anticoagulation clinics in the Netherlands and Prof. E. A. Loeliger (1954-1985), founder of the QA thrombosis service laboratories. In the early seventies of the last century, thrombosis hemostasis research in the Netherlands expanded rapidly. Several leading research groups were established at different locations throughout the Netherlands. Utrecht became the center for platelet research and was headed by Prof. J.J. Sixma. The Amsterdam group, which was headed by Prof. J.W. ten Cate, became a leading research group for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with thrombosis. The group of Prof. C. Hemker in Maastricht became the center for the biochemistry of clotting. The university hospital in Leiden grew into the center of venous thrombosis research and the Gaubius Institute in Leiden introduced antithrombolytics as a therapy. Getting to the top is an unique achievement, but remaining at the top is much more difficult still. The key to continued success hass been the joining of forces of the Dutch research groups. A crucial element has been the establishment of Thrombosis Hemostasis Research Netherlands (THON) in 1972, facilitating the cooperation between leading international institutes in the Netherlands. Sixteen years later, the Netherlands Society on Thrombosis and Hemostasis (NVTH) was established.

Every year, the NVTH organizes a PhD course with subsequent symposium, where young talents are given the opportunity to create a distinct profiles for themselves. This structure not only enables a unique knowledge between Dutch research groups, but also promotes the transfer knowledge between seniort ‘magicians’ and the ‘sorcerer’s apprentices’. Good youth academies guarantee future leading thrombosis and hemostasis research.

The Van Creveld Lecture

As of 1984, the program of the annual symposium of the Netherlands Society on Thrombosis and Hemostasis (NVTH, formerly THON) includes a special event: the Van Creveld lecture. Every year a prominent scientist or scholar, usually Dutch, is invited to give a seminar on a topic which is generally of broad scientific interest, although highlights and breakthroughs in Thrombosis and Hemostasis research are fairly popular themes. Over the past years many prominent scientists and authorities in the field have given this lecture.


Prof. Saskia Middeldorp

AMC, Amsterdam

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